Where Did May Go?

I just realized it’s been a month to the day since I last blogged. I need to get my act together. The past month has been eventful. Went to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. What a whirlwind! It was my first time there, and I can see why they have a workshop right off the bat for us “virgins.” Between running around looking for workshops, making new friends, trying to promote my upcoming book, “South Seas Seduction,” taking in the parties and tourizing the French Quarter, I was thoroughly exhausted when I returned home. I will do things differently next year – I hope.

Then, like everyone else who comes back from a trip, I had work and laundry to catch up on, plus go through all the stuff I hauled back from the conference and put tons of books I received into Xcel.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I’ve trying to get back on track with the next book. I was so close to finishing editing it and giving it to my BETA readers before I left, but I just couldn’t get it done. That’s my goal for today.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????While at the convention, I took several workshops on writing erotica and was happy to find I was following the edict that emotions are what drives the sex. Characters need to grow through a story. I also learned many things about writing erotica that will hopefully help me in my future endeavors.

Hopefully I won’t take another month to post.


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