Publication is Getting Closer and Closer

Somehow, probably because I’m still in a huge learning curve, I didn’t publish this post. I just noticed it was still listed as a draft. I actually wrote it on June 25th. Oops.

Yesterday I heard from my editor at The Wild Rose Press about the status of “South Seas Seduction.” It’s next on her list to edit. Hopefully I’ll be getting a cover soon, so I can share, share share. I’m getting so excited that my first “baby” will be published in a few months.

Meanwhile, I’ve been editing the next erotica I’ll submit to them and hopefully receive a contract for. I’ve been bummed that our weatherweather-clouds-thunder-storm-rain-39292745 has been wet and rainy this past June. I love editing outside, but the days on the deck have been few and far between. Maybe July will be better.

I’ve been asked to be part of my friend and fellow author, Tina Susedik’s blog. She is interviewing those of us who haven’t been published yet. I have to get my questions done before I can no longer say, ‘I’m unpublished.” I’ll certainly let everyone know when the interview will be posted on her blog.

Best get back to those “lovely” edits.


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