Holiday Bombardment

Today is a rather dreary fall day in Wisconsin. The rain may switch to snow overnight, but luckily the ground is still too warm for it to stay. Halloween is over. Thank goodness elections are over and I can safely turn on the radio or tv without cringing at the political ads.

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Now I can “look forward” to Christmas ads. I actually saw one last night. Seriously? I walked out of the room. More and more people complain about how early the holiday ads and decorations are appearing, but it seems the advertisers and stores are not listening. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the stores have bombarded us with enough holiday commercials to last us until next season. It’s so bad, I actually don’t mind the station being switched to sports during the ad. (Not by me, I must add.) By the time I put up my small tree and decorate my apartment in mid December, I feel like the season is already over. Maybe as I advance farther into my 30’s I’m missing the simpler ways of gearing up for the holidays AFTER Thanksgiving.

TheHatPeddlerCoverRevisedOn a happier note, I want to help promote fellow author and friend, Tina Susedik’s two children’s books. I know she worked hard on them. Her ten-year-old granddaughter helped write “Uncle Bill’s Farm.” They are working on a sequel. If you’re looking for (man I hate to say this after griping about the holidays) Christmas presents for your young children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, I’d recommend both books. I plan to grab a couple. You can order them from her website: Uncle Bill's Farm - Front Cover redone